BDD with PageObject

Add step definitions for removing book

Similarly, we are going to add "remove_book.rb" under "features/step_definations".

cd step_definations

touch remove_book.rb

alt text

Then edit it to contain following content:

# encoding: utf-8
When /^I remove the book from my shopping cart$/ do

Then /^I should not see the book in my shopping cart$/ do verifyItemRemovedFromShoppingCart verifyItemRemovedNotShownInShoppingCart end

def openShoppingCart clickElementBy("id","nav-cart") end

def removeTheFirstItem sleep (10) #it's better to wait for js or AJAX executed complete, but there is not a general way we can follow in industry clickElementBy("xpath","//span[@class=\"a-declarative\"]/input") end

def verifyItemRemovedFromShoppingCart confirm=findElementBy("class", "a-size-base") confirm.text.include?("was removed from Shopping Cart") end

def verifyItemRemovedNotShownInShoppingCart book=findElementBy("xpath", "//span[@class=\"a-size-medium a-text-bold\"]") book.text.should == "Subtotal (0 item): $0.00" end

alt text