BDD with PageObject

Add step definitions for buying book

Similarly, we are going to add "buy_book.rb" under "features/step_definations".

cd step_definations

touch buy_book.rb

alt text

Then edit it to contain following content:

# encoding: utf-8
Given /^I open "(.*?)"$/ do |site|
    @driver.get site

When /^I search for "(.*?)"$/ do |keyword| searchKeyword=@driver.find_element :id => "twotabsearchtextbox" searchKeyword.clear searchKeyword.send_keys keyword element=@driver.find_element :class =>"nav-submit-input" end

And /^I open the first book$/ do element=@driver.find_element :xpath => "//div[@id=\"result_0\"]//span[@class=\"lrg bold\"]" end

And /^I add the first book to shopping cart$/ do @bookTitle=@driver.find_element(:id => "productTitle").text element=@driver.find_element :name => "submit.add-to-cart" end

Then /^I should see the book in my shopping cart$/ do confirm=@driver.find_element :id => "confirm-text" confirm.text.include?("1 item added to Cart") book=@driver.find_element :xpath => "//div[@class=\"a-row a-size-base word-break\"]/a" book.attribute("title").should == @bookTitle end

The # encoding: utf-8 here is to support multiple languages, if you just want to use English all the time and anywhere in your test, you can get rid of it.

alt text

If you need to change control to a new popuped window, you can use @driver.switch_to.window @driver.window_handles.last.