BDD with PageObject

Add step definitions for adding book to shopping cart from wish list

Similarly, we are going to modify "buy_book.rb" under "features/step_definations".

cd step_definations

alt text

Then edit it to contain following content:

And /^I login as "(.?)" with "(.?)"$/ do |username,password|

And /^I add the first book to Wish List$/ do getCurrentItemTitle clickElementBy("id","add-to-wishlist-button-submit") end

And /^I add the first book to shopping cart from Wish List$/ do clickElementBy("class","w-button-inner") addToShoppingCartFromWishList end

And /^I open my shopping cart$/ do clickElementBy("id","nav-cart") end

def loginAs (username,password) clickElementBy("id", "nav-signin-text") inputToElementWith("id", "ap_email", username) inputToElementWith("id", "ap_password", password) clickElementBy("id","signInSubmit-input") end

def addToShoppingCartFromWishList clickElementBy("xpath", "//a[@class=\"a-button-text a-declarative\"]") end

def inputToElementWith (type, value, input) inputElement=findElementBy(type, value) inputElement.clear inputElement.send_keys input end

alt text

alt text

alt text