iOS Automation - UIAutomation

This framework is not suggested!

Some materials for iOS - UIAutomation framework:

  1. Working with UIAutomation
  2. UI Automation
  3. UI Automation JavaScript Reference for iOS
  4. How Do I Perform UI Automation Testing in iOS 4
  5. iOS - UI Automation get textfield by accessibility label?
  6. iOS Automated Tests with UIAutomation
  7. Can’t get value of UIAStaticText?


  1. Using JavaScript: each line of JavaScript in UIAutomation will trigger a request to iOS simulator, which make the awful performance of it;
  2. The framework is unstable: for the script attached, sometimes the testing results are different, even same environment and script are provided; and sometimes the simulator or instrument will hung and quit expected;
  3. The testing supporting of this framework is not good: the element can be get by its id, but can only get by its name/label occasionally, and there are some issues unresolved, like value of label item can’t be get;
  4. Readiness of JavaScript is hard, it doesn’t provide the capability to integrate with tools like Cucumber;
  5. It doesn’t have the capability to integrate with CI tools;
  6. It can’t run on real devices, but only on simulator, which means it can’t run parallel.